Why Doing Social Good Also Needs Return

Marc Beckmann
"If investments are not sustainable, they will be very limited."
Amit Pradhan

Amit Pradhan is a startup founder, investor, and speaker who spends his time creating, evangelizing, and investing in the future of responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) and decentralization. A 19-year veteran of Silicon Valley, he has built deep-tech startups with multi-million-dollar revenue streams and focused on technology, startups, and systems that have a positive impact on the humans they serve.

Amit promotes a future society that is driven by responsible AI, around privacy, decentralization of power, recognition of bias, and economic agency in a world that is losing jobs to AI-driven automation. He is co-founder & president of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, a network of some of the largest investors, thinkers, practitioners, and creators, with chapters around the globe – and a core mission to ‘Fund the Revolution’ and with it a thoughtful and responsible approach to the impact, value, and culture of a decentralized ecosystem.

Amit is the Executive Chairman at Zero Labs, which is creating multi-sensory AI that lives on user devices "to listen, learn, reason, adapt, and do tasks for its users without sending private data to the cloud." The aim is to give users control and economic agency over this rich data. As a general partner at JetVentures, Amit invests in startups that touch the daily lives of users – be it in the lifestyle, entertainment, convenience, health or employment sectors.

In addition, he serves on multiple boards, including the advisory board of the Norwegian Refugee Council USA (nrc.no), and acts as a mentor for startup founders around the world. Amit took part in the BMW Foundation Global Table Marseille on "Building the Code for Resilient Societies" and is a member of the global BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network.

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