What Leadership of the Future Could Look Like

Marc Beckmann
"The most important thing is to build trust."
Dedo N. Baranshamaje

Dedo N. Baranshamaje is a community builder, social justice advocate, and a role model for what leadership of the future could look like. When he started working for the Segal Family Foundation, he was the first African to join the team. Now, the organization, which is based in the United States and East Africa, has grown in terms of diversity and inclusiveness by hiring people who live in the places the foundation is supporting. "Because this increases the understanding," says Dedo. The Segal Family Foundation aims to build an equitable community of visionary organizations – both doers and donors – across Sub-Saharan Africa so that together they can improve the lives of millions.

With a background in strategic communication and marketing, Dedo has spent over 10 years of his career at the intersection of public good and private interest. As Director of Innovation at Segal Family Foundation, Dedo is responsible for challenging the status quo, including the foundation’s own. He is a connector who brokers partnerships between philanthropists, key government officials, and visionary non-profit leaders. As the creator and director of their Social Impact Incubator, he challenges organizations to think differently and turns competition into collaboration.

Dedo took part in the BMW Foundation Global Table in Marseille on "Building the Code for Resilient Societies." He is a member of the global BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, a community of purpose working jointly towards a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future in line with the UN's 2030 Agenda.

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