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Annina Roescheisen Is Exploring the Pan-Human Quest for Peace

What brings peace in times of ongoing conflicts? War? The United Nations? Or perhaps art? Multimedia artist Annina Roescheisen set out for a personal journey around the world to find answers to this fundamental question.

Calling her project #WhatBringsPeace, she started her trip in February 2017. Part of Annina’s venture is to collect the diverse answers she receives and to combine them into an ever-changing video documentary. The film is one element of her worldwide philanthropic art project, which explores the pan-human quest for peace in both individual and collective terms. Is there a universal response to increasing violence, environmental threats, and political extremism? And if so, what it is?

While we are all hoping for a more peaceful world, it often seems as if there is no solution to violence, war, and injustice. At the same time, peace is something that starts with ourselves and our immediate surroundings. What brings peace? It is a question that touches us all and that connects us regardless of age, ethnicity, or status.

Annina RoescheisenPeace

Annina Roescheisen

Annina Roescheisen participated in the BMW Foundation Global Table in Bogota earlier this year and subsequently displayed part of her project #WhatBringsPeace at the Berlin Global Forum in November. Her video installation contributed to the Forum's topic of "Restoring Public Trust." Watch our video portrait of the artist here.

To date, Annina has interviewed more than 60 people in eight countries, from England to Italy, from Switzerland to the United States.

#WhatBringsPeace consists of several elements including a traveling sculpture and ongoing interviews for a video documentary; the artist also participates in conferences and uses social media to share her experiences.

Find out what answers Annina collected on her journey and comment below to let us know #WhatBringsPeace for you!

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