Rethinking the Future

Marc Beckmann
Responsible Leadership
"Success for me is turning a problem into an opportunity."
Vincent Zimmer

When large numbers of refugees started to arrive in Europe from Syria and the Middle East in the fall of 2015, many experienced this as an unsurmountable problem. Others, like Vincent Zimmer saw an opportunity. He had just finished his master's studies in London, when he and his team launched an online education platform that enabled refugees to study with no more than a smartphone and Internet access. In the next years, they launched partnerships with universities all over the world to create high-quality online courses.

Today, Vincent Zimmer is working as Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Ada Health, again exploring how technology can be used to create inclusive solutions. Ada Health is a personal health guide that uses articial intelligence and machine learning to give people access to medical knowledge and help them manage their health.

Vincent Zimmer joined the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network in 2015. He also took part in the European Table in Paris in 2018, on "Migration, Security and European Citizens."

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