Europe is more than a continent. Today, Europe counts 56 sovereign states, 28 of which are members of the European Union. Despite the efforts of the European integration process, the region faces severe challenges such as the growth of youth unemployment in its South. Migration flows need to be managed, and digitization challenges established patterns of work and production. It is time to rethink Europe!

Munich European ForumEurope

On Finding a European Identity

What are the urgent issues Europe is facing today? And what is your take on it? We asked 6 people from all walks of life to engage in a dialogue.

Demo-Pulse-of-EuropeStrong Europe

“How to Build a Strong Europe for Citizens”

Next May’s elections for the European Parliament are about the survival of the European Union. We need responsible leadership for a Europe for Citizens.

Pro European demonstrationPulse of Europe

The Job of “Pulse of Europe” Is Not Done

The European elections in 2019 will be crucial for Europe’s future. Through his initiative “Pulse of Europe,” Daniel Röder is fighting for an open and liberal EU.


How to Become a Citizen-Lobbyist in 10 Steps

Lobbying has a negative reputation. But you can turn this around – for example, with Alberto Alemanno’s ideas for “good lobbying” for every citizen.

Working Door is an initiative from SwedenSweden

When Strangers Become Friends

Did you ever get matched with a potential co-worker? The Axfoundation arranges meetings for Swedes and migrants to enhance integration.


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