“Pulling People Together”

Marc Beckmann
Responsible Leadership

To make our society more inclusive and equal, Letitia Zwickert is starting with her students. She is a school teacher in primary and secondary education, a K-12 educator.

And she knows that the right mentoring and inputs can enormously increase the chances of disadvantaged youths later in life. 

Letitia is the first K-12 educator to receive a Fulbright-Schuman Scholar Award, a research grant for professionals. The award gave her the opportunity to research best practices for minority student education and successful migrant integration.

Taking her efforts a step further, Letitia co-founded Mentee, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization. Mentee supports low-income and immigrant high-school students through mentorship, job placements, and one-on-one feedback.

In her work with her students and beyond, Letitia believes that the bottom line for creating change is to foster relationships between people from diverse backgrounds so that they can benefit from each other’s rich experience.

Letitia is part of the Connected Cities Initiative, a project of the BMW Foundation’s Transatlantic Core Group. The project aims to deepen the partnership between Chicago and Hamburg by establishing and expanding civil society networks.

Since 2016, Letitia Zwickert has also been a member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network.

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