Sustainable Finance

Shifting capital toward impact

Sustainable Finance

How can finance speed up the green transition?


Investment approaches can range from traditional investment management to the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors to investing for impact. While ESG investments primarily intend to minimize negative externalities and financial risks, impact investing focuses on investment opportunities that generate positive outcomes for underserved people and the planet, and contribute to solving current global challenges. 

Our impact investing journey goes back to 2011 when the BMW Foundation started acting as a mission-guided and agile impact investor. Since 2018, our focus has been on venture capital to support innovative solutions by investing in funds that address the lack of investable capital. The BMW Foundation tackles these challenges and invests its financial assets in two key ways: by investing its endowment in line with ESG principles to reduce any negative impact across the portfolio, and through impact investing focused on positive impact in line with the SDGs. Our endowment investment strategy was adopted in 2021 and brought to life in 2022 by achieving a minimum standard of Art. 8 for public market investments and shifting significant parts of the portfolio to Paris Agreement-aligned investment means. 

How We Invest in the Future

In the 2022 financial year the BMW Foundation spent a total of € 13,375,878 on the Foundation’s statutory non-profit programs and projects, as well as other expenditure.

Our Funding

"We believe that you should get higher returns if you are solving problems."

Tharald Nustadt

BMW Foundation Responsible Leader and Co-Founder Katapult Accelerator

A lever for postive change

Our Programmatic Approach

Our 4 Approaches: 
  • Providing a trusting space for conversations about innovative economic thinking, impact, and responsible investing, as well as partnering with leading organizations and key conferences
  • Strengthening communities and convening partners, coalitions, networks, and movements toward collaboration to move more capital toward impact
  • Communicating new narratives and promoting top-level research on sustainable finance and impact investing
  • Actively supporting the development of innovative financing and industry solutions

Sustainable Finance Team

Bryan Scheler

Sustainable Finance Lead

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Sustainable Finance

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Sustainable Finance