The Peace Goal of the 2030 Agenda

Claudia Leisinger
Responsible Leadership
"We as a community of human beings in our time, we can do something ... to repair what is wrong."
Alfredo Zamudio

Alfredo Zamudio experienced dictatorship and repression in his country when he was just a boy. Born in Chile, he grew up during the Pinochet regime. When his father was arrested as a political prisoner in 1973, he was only 12. He lived alone on the streets, struggling to survive until the International Organization for Migration (IOM) made it possible for him to seek refuge in Norway together with his father in 1976.

This childhood experience has shaped his entire life, which he has dedicated to promoting and enabling peace around the world. He worked as a human rights and humanitarian aid worker in crisis regions around the world, including the Balkans, Darfur, and Colombia. Today, as the director of the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue in Lillehammer, Norway, he is promoting dialogue as a method for conflict resolution globally.

For Alfredo, a central tool to achieve peace is to create inclusive institutions that can design more effective policies to prevent conflict. That is why, for him, the Sustainable Development Goal 16 – Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions – is the key goal to achieve all other goals and make our world a more peaceful place.

Alfredo Zamudio joined the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network in 2016. The BMW Foundation's 2017 Global Table in Lillehammer, entitled “Creating Resilient Societies through Dialogue,” was held in partnership with the Nansen Center.

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