TallinnTallinn is the capital of Estonia.

This Small Country Is a Giant When It Comes to Digitization

Estonia shows the world how digital innovation and e-government for the benefit of the citizens works. Join us for a visit to the Mektory, a successful innovation center in Tallinn.

171001mb20Stefan Voigt's old Nokia Phone

2018 Provides a New Chance to Go on a Digital Diet

"If the product is free, then you are the product." Scientist Stefan Voigt has some advice if you want to leave fewer traces on the Internet.

Beijing, Oct-2017Hutong during the Party Congress Beijing October-2017

Why Transparency is Key for China’s One Belt, One Road

The success of China’s signature foreign policy initiative heavily depends on Beijing’s ability to adapt itself towards responsible leadership globally.

Baltimore @Marc BeckmannPoverty Decay

In Baltimore, Giving Up Hope Is Not an Option

In Baltimore, the rift between rich and poor, black and white, hope and despair is enormous. Still, some people refuse to give up.

Dove of PeaceDove of Peace

Annina Roescheisen Is Exploring the Pan-Human Quest for Peace

Global Diplomacy LabMembers of the Global Diplomacy Lab.

“We’re Not Fixed, We’re Fluent”

How to build a functioning dialogue that matters in a larger context? Researcher Vivian Valencia found interesting answers at the Global Diplomacy Lab.

Theresa CarringtonPurpose

OnPurpose with Theresa Carrington: How to Operate in Your Purpose

When she reached rock bottom, the universe responded to Theresa Carrington. She turned a crisis into a business and is now helping others to exit poverty.

Ben PowellEntrepreneurship

How to Unlock the Power of Entrepreneurship

Follow Benjamin Powell throughout a day at work in Washington, DC and learn about Agora Partnerships, an organization that helps entrepreneurs to create social impact.