3D printer still

How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Disaster Relief

Transporting medical equipment to disaster areas can take days. Andrew Lamb and his team use 3D printing technology to simply produce them on-site.

Amalia Zepou AthensAmalia Zepou, Vice Mayor of Athens

The Power of Communities to Lead Innovation

Amalia Zepou discovered the potential of collaboration in communities while volunteering in her hometown Athens. Her mission today: finding ways to foster this potential.

Belabbès Benkredda at 10th GT in AthensBelabbès promotes citizen's participation.

This Guy Is Mixing Up the Arab Public Sphere

Belabbes Benkredda successfully fosters citizen participation in the Arab World. In 2013, he won the renowned Civic Innovator Award for his online video platform.

Girlhype is an initiave based in Cape Town, South Africa.Coding

Gaining Confidence through Coding

“When you type in the word 'researcher' into Google, what comes up is all male.” Baratang Miya is here to change this.

Eirliani Abdul RahmanArctic

Why this Woman is Going to the South Pole

Impact investing is helpful to achieve a more global society.Impact Investing helps to reduce inequalities.

What You Always Wanted to Know About Impact Investing

Impact investing has nothing to do with the money you have. Instead, it is a question of choices. Here is the full story.

Kevin KühnertPolitics Press Conference

“Those Who Assume Responsibility Should Have Empathy”

Kevin Kühnert, federal chairman of the Young Socialists, almost single-handedly prevented the formation of the current German government. He is still at peace with himself.

Leonardo MaldonadoSistema B

“Once You Start Measuring, Things Start to Change”

Leonardo Maldonado tries to reduce our impact on the environment through collective action. It starts with one and you better walk to work today.