Juan Carlos Diaz BilbaoMexico
Marc Beckmann / Ostkreuz

Making Mexico the Greatest Country

Juan Carlos Diaz Bilbao wants to make Mexico great again. How? By focusing on building the new instead of fighting the old!

He has more than 12 years of experience in the sector of entrepreneurship, innovation and social impact in Latin America. He has co-founded ventures such as Invertzio, Build Lightly MX and the Changemaker Leaders Initiative.

Nominated for the MIT Technology Review Award - Innovators under 35 LATAM 2017. Board Member of Sistema B Mexico, Ambassador of the League of Intrapreneurs and member of the Responsible Leaders Network of the BMW Foundation. Juan Carlos is currently responsible for the strategic line of Social Impact Ecosystem for Promotora Social Mexico, Venture Philantropy organization. He aims to design and articulate multiple social entrepreneurship and collective impact initiatives around health and education.

Juan Carlos Diaz Bilbao participated in the Responsible Leaders Forum Chile in 2017. He is a member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network.

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