F20 Foundations Take a Stand: Fundación Vida Silvestre

Sustainable Development

At a time when multilateralism seems at stake, it is even more important to remind the G20 Heads of State that global challenges require global solutions. Foundations from all parts of the world have established the F20 platform to advance the 2030 Agenda of the UN and be part of the solution, especially with regards to climate change. The goal is to build bridges between civil society, business, and politics within the G20 countries and beyond. Our series introduces some of these foundations.

Manuel Marcelo Jaramillo, Director General at the Fundación Vida Silvestre

Why do you support F20?

Manuel Marcelo Jaramillo: We work closely with WWF, and in Argentina we have close collaborations with FARN and Fundación Avina. We decided to accept the invitation to the F20 network because we want to learn from other foundations that have an international approach and connect with international foundations around the same environmental issues and goals. We think that we need to work together to find solutions to environmental problems.


F20 Foundations Platform

The F20 Foundations Platform is an unprecedented alliance of more than 45 foundations and philanthropic organizations from around the world. The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt is part of the platform’s Steering Group. The participating foundations seek to identify and expose pathways toward sustainable development and call upon the G20 Heads of State to take action. Its aim is to gather momentum for the implementation of the UN Paris climate agreement in order to build bridges between different stakeholders – including the private sector and civil society. The 2018 G20 Summit will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in late November.

What can you contribute?

Manuel Marcelo Jaramillo: We can contribute on issues around climate, energy and sustainable energy efficiency. Also, we would like to offer support through our political and institutional contacts as well as communication activities and media events. We think it will be a challenge to communicate the key messages of the F20 network to the Argentinian public, but it is necessary to join forces to talk and raise awareness about climate issues.

What is the Fundación Vida Silvestre in a nutshell?

Manuel Marcelo Jaramillo: Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina aims to propose and implement solutions to conserve nature and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and responsible behavior in a climate change context. Since 1988, Fundación Vida Silvestre has been associated with and represents WWF in Argentina. In 2015, the United Nations adopted a new plan to give people and nature a sustainable future. These six goals represent our contribution to this plan: 1) Protecting the world’s most threatened species in the wild. 2) Making oceans productive and resilient. 3) Safeguarding and restoring forests. 4) Protecting and reviving rivers and wetlands. 5) Setting a clear path to limit global warming to 1.5°C. 6) Making food systems sustainable.

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