F20 Foundations Take a Stand: Foundation for Sustainability

Claudia Leisinger
Sustainable Development

In times when multilateralism seems at stake, it is even more important to remind the G20 Heads of State that global challenges require global solutions. Foundations from all parts of the world have established the F20 platform to advance the 2030 Agenda of the UN and be part of the solution, especially with regards to climate change. The goal is to build bridges between civil society, business, and politics within the G20 countries and beyond. In our series, we will introduce some of the foundations.

Klaus Milke, Founding Donor at the Foundation for Sustainability

Why are you part of F20?

Klaus Milke: Real relevance for political decision-making processes can only be achieved by pooling the foundations’ and philanthropists’ potential. F20 can offer this leverage and serve as a mutual learning platform to develop these potentials further and to push for the implementation of each country’s climate goals and commitments (NDCs).


F20 Foundations Platform

The F20 Foundations Platform is an unprecedented alliance of more than 45 foundations and philanthropic organizations from around the world. The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt is part of the platform’s Steering Group. The participating foundations seek to identify pathways towards sustainable development and call upon the G20 Heads of State to take action. Its aim is to gather momentum for the implementation of the UN Paris climate agreement. The 2018 G20 Summit will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the end of November.

What can you contribute?

Klaus Milke: We can mainly contribute through connecting very different stakeholder groups and reaching out to new potential partners, making tangible the bridge-building role of F20. Also, we can ensure an up-to-date scientific standard on the issues at stake, building on the deep expertise Germanwatch has built up over the years. There is no time left for dilettantism and no time to waste.

What is the Foundation for Sustainability in a nutshell?

Klaus Milke: The Foundation for Sustainability aims to ensure that Germany is living up to its responsibility in implementing the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. The foundation is leading by example when it comes to its investment strategy, coalition building, as well as concrete standpoints and actions. In all its endeavors, it strives to encourage others to follow suit. For example, it is supporting a climate litigation case of a Peruvian mountain guide against the German energy company RWE.
The Foundation for Sustainability has been founded by me, chairman of the board of the climate advocacy organization Germanwatch, and is supporting Germanwatch’s work and independence.

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