F20 Foundations Take a Stand: FARN

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Sustainable Development

In times when multilateralism seems at stake, it is even more important to remind the G20 Heads of State that global challenges require global solutions. Foundations from all parts of the world have established the F20 platform to advance the 2030 Agenda of the UN and be part of the solution, especially with regards to climate change. The goal is to build bridges between civil society, business, and politics within the G20 countries and beyond. In our series, we will introduce some of the foundations.

Enrique Maurtua Konstantinidis, Senior Climate Policy Advisor at the Environment and Natural Resources Foundation (FARN)

Why are you part of F20?

Enrique Maurtua Konstantinidis: In order to ensure that the right messages come across and the right decisions are taken, we need to advocate at all levels. F20, next to other engagement groups like C20 or T20, can engage political decision–makers at the highest level and leverage the advocacy impact of foundations through collaboration.


F20 Foundations Platform

The F20 Foundations Platform is an unprecedented alliance of more than 45 foundations and philanthropic organizations from around the world. The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt is part of the platform’s Steering Group. The participating foundations seek to identify and expose pathways towards sustainable development and call upon the G20 Heads of State to take action. Its aim is to gather momentum for the implementation of the UN Paris climate agreement in order to build bridges between different stakeholders – including the private sector and civil society. The 2018 G20 Summit will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the end of November.

What can you contribute?

Enrique Maurtua Konstantinidis: FARN’s biggest strength is its ability to build linkages between international politics and civil society. We can provide the political context for the issues at stake and help actions to move in the best possible direction. FARN has been involved in G20 advocacy on the global level for two years and will continue to do so beyond the Argentinian G20 presidency in 2018. Specifically this year, we can help F20 to gain the necessary information and influence in accordance with other engagement groups.

What is FARN in a nutshell?

Enrique Maurtua Konstantinidis: FARN works on a wide range of environmental issues and pushes for transparency, public participation in decision-making processes and compliance with civil rights and environmental laws in all institutions. Its scope of action is focused on Argentina, but FARN is also engaged in networks throughout Latin America and globally, working on issues including biodiversity, sustainable finance, climate change, energy transition, regulation of extractive industries, sustainable agriculture and others. FARN promotes public access to information, justice and democratic and participatory citizenship. FARN’s work emphasizes civil participation because citizens are the ones who must comply with and enforce laws, agree on policies and allocate resources to prevent environmental degradation.

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