Equity, Diversity, & Belonging Events Manifesto

As an organization that brings people together, we see it as our responsibility to create safe spaces in which everyone feels invited, seen, and heard, to ensure they can be their full selves. Equity, diversity, and belonging (EDB) are intrinsically linked to our work and to how we strive to host events. We would like to ensure that our EDB approach goes beyond singular activities and is systemically implemented in every event we plan – from the people and program to the physical places in which we convene.We believe in the transformative power of places and in the importance of respecting them as well as those who work in and take care of them. In these places and through our program, we aim to create an environment that welcomes everyone, removes physical and psychological hurdles, and facilitates open dialogue, personal transformation, and collective learning. As a part of our own ongoing (un)learning journey, we would like to share a list of our commitments that aim to actively create such an environment. EquityWe want to ensure that all of our event participants can access the program, experiences, and event location in the same way, to be able to fully participate in and engage with the event.DiversityWe believe in the richness of diversity — the representation of our various identities as societies and individuals — and its ability to bring different perspectives and lived experiences to light. We welcome people of all genders, races, abilities, sexualities, classes, religious beliefs, ages, and backgrounds.BelongingWe want to offer a safe space in which people feel welcome to bring in their whole selves by actively contributing to creating that space and participating in it.Our Commitments
  • We commit to creating an environment where discrimination of any kind is not accepted.
  • We commit to making space for and actively including participants when they are being excluded or silenced.
  • We commit to treating the individuals who work at our events — whether as cooks, wait staff, or technicians — with respect and valuing their contributions to creating the space.   
  • We commit to hearing all voices, including the quiet ones.
  • We commit to respecting and appreciating diverse perspectives.
  • We commit to speaking out and reflecting together when there is a breach of our commitments.
  • We commit to keeping the spaces we create, ones of learning and mutual respect.
  • We commit to accepting personal boundaries.
  • We commit to recognizing and tackling our own biases.
  • We commit to welcoming feedback and opinions that help us on our (un)learning journey.
We believe in the collective and personal responsibility of all individuals present at our events to ensure that no one is left behind. As a co-creator of this space, we ask and invite you to help us to live out our values and uphold these commitments when attending our event(s) by committing yourself to do the same. 

Your BMW Foundation Team

Equity, Diversity, and Belonging

Equity, Diversity, and Belonging (EDB) are guiding principles that help keep everything we do focused on the heart of our work — people. We can only move toward greater equity and foster a sense of belonging if we are committed to listening, uncovering, and ultimately changing ourselves, our organization, and our prevailing systems.

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