Dreaming of a Better Egypt

Marc Beckmann
Responsible Leadership
"I've learned to celebrate the small achievements."
Jacqueline Kameel

Jacqueline Kameel has made it her mission to empower the ideas of young Egyptians who want to bring about change. She is the managing director of Nahdet el Mahrousa, an incubator focused on early-stage social enterprises in the MENA region. More than 30 enterprises have been incubated by the organization, with their focus topics ranging from education to farming to the environment, health, and the arts.

She believes that each one of the enterprises that Nahdet El Mahrousa helps lead from an idea to a working organization is the key to changing Egypt for the better - step by step.

Entrepreneurs can apply at Nahdet El Mahrousa at the idea or start-up stage. The most promising projects receive capacity building through trainings, mentorship, and peer-to-peer consulting. Nahdet El Mahrousa also offers practical support during the founding of the organization, for example on legal and technical issues.

One of the organizations supported in this way is Transport for Cairo. They are building a transit map of Cairo's informal transportation network to encourage commuters to use public transportation instead of their own car. Another is Yadaweya, Egypt's first online fair-trade marketplace that is connecting local artisans to customers worldwide.

Jacqueline Kameel is a member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network. She took part in the Responsible Leaders Forum MENA in Casablanca in 2017.

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