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Sustainable Cities

How many leaders does a city need? Certainly, more than one.

To build the city of the future, we need leadership to come not only from the top. Meeting this moment is about getting everyone involved.
Sustainable Finance

How To Create An Economy That Serves Everyone

Yannick Lebert, a researcher from betterplace lab, takes a look at the economic activities that stabilized and held our society together during the months of the more or less global lockdown.
Human Rights

How an Alliance of Female Leaders Is Helping Close the Gender Gap

The Gender Alliance wants equality to be at the heart of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These five women are leading the drive.
Sustainable Finance

Legal Purpose: How a Lawyer Made Sustainability Her Career

Meet Maya Mehta, an intrapreneur who is using her legal training to support the growth of sustainable finance at an investment bank.
Human Rights

How to Educate Yourself About Racism

Since May 2020, discussions on racial equity have gained momentum globally. Three Responsible Leaders from our regional network in Africa share some (un)learnings they have gleaned on their journey towards racial equity.
Human Rights

Leadership Against the Odds: How Two Black Women Are Tackling Racism in the US

Angel St Jean and Khalilah Harris are helping transform education and job prospects for black and minority ethnic Americans.
Human Rights

Gender Alliance: “A Place Where We Can Come Together and Support One Another”

The Gender Alliance is an initiative that pushes for a feminist agenda to foster gender equity in line with SDG #5. Elizabeth S. Maloba is one of its members.

Five Start-Ups Raising the Bar for Environmental Impact

From turning waste plastic into bricks, to storing carbon in consumer goods, a new business accelerator program is backing start-ups that have sustainability at their core.
Sustainable Development

Revealing True Potential – A Story About a South African Social Enterprise

TSIBA is a social enterprise located in South Africa. Its vision is to challenge the status quo of business education with a values-based approach to teaching and learning.

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