Amplifying Change: How a DJ Bridges Societies

Marc Beckmann
Responsible Leadership
"It takes a village not only to bring up a child but it takes a village to bring up a world."
Thandi Dyani

Being a disc jockey is much more than putting on a playlist. It’s about non-verbal communication, human connections, and harmony. About creating the rhythm and energy that inspires people to move together and about keeping it spinning until the work is done. BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt Responsible Leader Thandi Dyani is living these principles – not only at the turntables but also as a woman, leader, mother, and CEO of the Impact Hub Johannesburg.

Half Danish and half South African, Thandi grew up in two very distinct societies. Now living and working in both countries, she is dedicating her time to creating the soundtrack for sustainable development. To amplify the resonance, Thandi’s main driver is to impact people to change the system from within. For her, this is an opportunity to heal the wounds from within.


South Africa is indeed facing many challenges: The legacy and resulting inequality of Apartheid, political unrest, a declining economy, and a high unemployment rate are just a few issues restraining sustainable development. By connecting innovation-driven individuals, the Impact Hub Johannesburg focuses on finding answers to these challenges. The Hub is also part of the global Impact Hub network, connecting over 18,000 members in more than 100 locations worldwide that strive to innovate a new kind of economy.

Besides her work for the Impact Hub, Thandi supports global female empowerment and women’s rights. That's why she is part and co-creator of the new Gender Alliance, a network-member-driven initiative to bring feminists together to accelerate gender equality and equity. Its members come from the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, the Global Diplomacy Lab, and the Robert Bosch Foundation. Furthermore, Thandi has been a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader since 2019, joining our Responsible Leaders Forum in Johannesburg and the World Responsible Leaders Forum in Mérida.

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