SDG #10-Reduced Inequalities

Sustainable Development Goal 10: The international community has made significant strides towards lifting people out of poverty. However, inequality still persists and large disparities remain in access to health and education services and other assets.There is growing consensus that economic growth is not sufficient to reduce poverty if it is not inclusive. To reduce inequality, policies should be universal in principle paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

170506mb354Kimberley Motley at the BMW Foundation Global Table in Bogotà.

“I Want to Give the Law Back to the People”

This unusual woman went to Afghanistan to train local lawyers, and became the first foreigner to litigate in the country.

Mittelklassehaus mit Schutzmauer, Kapstadt, 2002, Südafrika. Copyright- Dawin MeckelOSTKREUZMiddle class house with security wall, Cape Town, 2002, South Africa

When the Safe Place Becomes the Most Dangerous Place

Who do you trust, if you cannot even trust yourself? Abdullah*, a diplomat from South Africa, has been looking for answers while coming to terms with his story of sexual abuse.

Tassos SmetopoulosTassos Smetopoulos from the NGO Steps demontrates solidarity in Athens, Greece

What Solidarity Looks Like in Athens

In a city that is struggling with the consequences of crisis, these people are working tirelessly for those who are most in need.

Marty CastroMarty Castro is a respected leader in the field of community, civic, and philanthropic organizations.

OnPurpose with Marty Castro: A Life Less Ordinary

From Forrest Gump to Donald Trump: Marty Castro has a front row seat in history and is not afraid to talk about it.