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Meet the Social Entrepreneur Helping People See Disability Differently

Andreas Heinecke challenges prejudice by giving sighted people a chance to experience total darkness with a blind guide.
Sustainable Cities

Latin American Cities Are Taking Sustainability to the Streets

From new laws to poems on buses, the Cities Can B movement is making the UN Sustainable Development Goals meaningful.
Civic Engagement

Now or Never: Why Civil Societies Need to Reclaim Power

Given years of rising authoritarianism, lack of funding, and increased threats to activists and organizations, European civil society was in bad shape even before the corona crisis.
Human Rights

Gender Alliance: Empowering Women in Impact Businesses

The Gender Alliance is an initiative that pushes for a feminist agenda to foster gender equity in line with Sustainable Development Goal #5. Julia Profeta Johansson is one of its members.
Responsible Leadership

How Female Role Models Inspire and Empower Younger Generations

In correspondence with members of the Gender Alliance, Responsible Leader Shahira Amin is telling her story to inspire many young, ambitious women, showing them that their opportunities too are limitless.
Civic Engagement

We Need a Revolution of Solidarity

Two Responsible Leaders from Brazil have started an initiative to help those who are most affected by the coronavirus in Rio de Janeiro.
Responsible Leadership

Sparks and Serendipity: The Recipe for Responsible Leadership

What does it mean to be a responsible leader? From hackathons to fuckup nights, we explore some unlikely examples.

How to Navigate Your Impact Business through Uncertain Times

“Decentralized and self-managed teams require very different leadership skills.” BMW Foundation Responsible Leader Joana Breidenbach on leading in times of uncertainty.
Sustainable Finance

The Real-World Impact of Sustainable Investing

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are an increasingly popular way for investors to evaluate companies in which they might want to invest.

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