5 Ideas for Driving Sustainable Development Through Investing

Unpredictable risks and planning uncertainties are barriers to foreign investment in transformation economies. Here are some ideas to change this.

Mittelklassehaus mit Schutzmauer, Kapstadt, 2002, Südafrika. Copyright- Dawin MeckelOSTKREUZMiddle class house with security wall, Cape Town, 2002, South Africa

When the Safe Place Becomes the Most Dangerous Place

Robert KrimmerRobert Krimmer, Professor of e-Governance, Tallinn University of Technology, at the BMW European Table, Estonia.

How E-Governance Can Create a More Inclusive State

Can open data and e-governance help create a more inclusive government? Of course, but we have to reclaim the public space, says digital expert Robert Krimmer.

Annina Roesheisen at the 9th BMW Foundation Global TableAnnina Roesheisen at the 9th BMW Foundation Global Table

Does Art Bring About Peace?

Multimedia artist, humanist, and philanthropist – Annina Roescheisen is traveling the world looking for an answer to the question #WhatBringsPeace.

Wuilly ArteagaWuilly Arteaga plays his violine at a demonstration in Venezuela.

This Is What Demonstrations Look Like in Venezuela

The news that reaches us from Venezuela gives us little reason for hope. But the people continue their protest – in often beautiful ways.

Dilshad MuhammedDilshad Muhammed at the Global Diplomacy Lab Buenos Aires.

“I will go where I can make the biggest difference”

The war in Syria proves to be an endless horror story. But there are lessons to be learned in other countries, as Dilshad Muhammad realized in Argentinia.


These Girls Don’t Want to Be Left Behind

Digitization is yet another area where girls and women are struggling to find their place, especially in a country like India. Here are the stories of some women who have succeeded.

Social IntrapreneurshipSocial Intrapreneur

5 Steps to Becoming a Social Intrapreneur

Intrapreneurs are people who use their position in large companies to transform them. Anyone can be part of this movement to change systems from the inside out.