Ending Modern SlaveryEnding Modern Slavery

How We Can Build an Alliance to End Modern Slavery

All over the world, women are the target of sexual and labor exploitation. Cecilia Oebanda-Pacis is fighting for the rights of women and children living in modern slavery.

Designing-SpacesDesigning Spaces

How to Create Spaces for Sustainable Change

Creating spaces where breakthroughs can happen is an art form Japanese culture seems to have perfected. Jerrold McGrath gives insights into very special concepts of space.

Eirliani Abdul RahmanArctic Ice

Ice, Ice, Baby: Answering the Call of Nature

Activism comes with a price. Sometimes it's fighting polar bears and jumping into ice-packed water, as Eirliani Abdul Rahman had to learn.

Trinidad SaonaTrinidad Saona, a diplomat from Chile

“When I Look Around, I Believe We Can Make It.”

Trinidad Saona, a diplomat from Chile, and other participants of the Global Diplomacy Lab reflect on what the foreign policy of the future should look like.

Authentic Leader

Becoming an Authentic Leader

How can leaders truly fulfill their potential and contribute to the greater good? Read Talita Ferreira on authentic and responsible leadership and where the Sustainable Development Goals come into play.

Social Innovators

5 Ways for Social Innovators to Use the Power of the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals have a lot of potential for social innovators to be more successful in their work. This is how they can use it.

Coffe Shop in StockholmTipping

What’s So Evil about Tipping?

Some North American restaurateurs recently started to eliminate tipping. At the root of these efforts is the deep social injustice created by the practice.

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Giving a Voice to Young Refugees